by Eman Dinar

2023 is the starting point for a strong Turkey

Turkey will conclude its first centenary in 2023. After that, a Turkish state will be born again, a country that will be in the first ranks among countries. Where Turkey aspires to a set of goals that it wants to reach

– To be among the 10 most powerful countries in the world
– The Turkish citizen should go to 197 countries without a visa
– The average per capita income should rise to $30,000 annually
– To increase its exports from 130 billion to 500 billion
– To be able to develop and manufacture domestic aircraft and satellites
– Turkey will become the fifth largest tourist destination in the world

In addition to that, the new sector that will enter for investment, which is the energy sector of natural gas, and this would open and multiply investment horizons, provide new job opportunities, expand business and give a strong boost to profits, and by 2023 Turkey will be able to operate the Turkish nuclear power plant.
This is not to mention the opening of the new Istanbul Canal and its money of great importance and the many economic benefits that it will achieve. All this tourism and economic prosperity and the recovery in the real estate sector was a reason
By making Turkey a very fertile soil to which foreign investors turn and place great hopes and aspirations on it.