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After the prosperity that Turkey witnessed at all levels of tourism, economy and others. The idea of investing in it has become a wandering in the minds of investors.
But they often get confused in choosing the right field, here comes the role of the Dinar Holding Group in guiding you in the right direction.

Dinar Holding Group is keen to invest in promising sectors such as the services sector, the tourism sector and the real estate sector within Turkey through its subsidiaries. The group’s strategy is based on:
– Developing companies’ assets and maximizing shareholders’ rights, by developing the assets owned by its group of companies and raising their efficiency.
Focusing on the operational sectors and developing the business of the group companies operating in those sectors, by increasing the volume of their projects and businesses inside Turkey or opening new markets for them.
Exploiting the opportunities available in the Turkish market.
Entering new income-generating operational sectors and investing in various fields inside and outside Turkey.
The group seeks to list its shares in other financial markets in order to expand the base of its shareholders.

Our History

Our Company Journey

  • 2020

    Company Foundation

    The company was established with branches of real estate, decoration and medical.

  • 2021

    Building Solid Team

    We built a distinguished team and added the tourism branch to the company.

  • 2022

    Our Family Get Grown

    We continued to succeed and progress, and we added an integrated media branch with all its specializations.

  • 2023

    Continuing Of Success

    Our goal is continuity and progress with outstanding success and quality service worthy of the Dinar Holding Group brand.

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We build ideas driven by the future.