By providing color harmony in decoration, you can give your living spaces a perfect look. You bought your furniture, accessories and lighting products. To decorate a house to reflect your style, you should also pay attention to color harmony.

Seeing your favorite colors in your home will make you feel more comfortable. Even the color of the smallest accessory you buy can change the mood of your home.

Monochromatic Decoration

The most common color decoration in modern homes is monochromatic decoration. It is a type of decoration that is usually dominated by a single color. For example, if you want to use black, you should definitely use gray and white tones in decoration.

If you still prefer red and its tones, carpets and curtains can also dominate the colors that will reflect the tones of red. You can prefer monochromatic decoration anywhere in your home. However, if you are going to prefer dark tones, you should prefer light tones in decoration.

Analog Colors

Analog colors, which are one of the most preferred colors recently, will suddenly change the atmosphere of your home. You can combine items more easily with analog colors, which are generally preferred more on walls and tables.
For example, you can use yellow, blue and green together. Or you can choose yellow, orange and red. You can make analog color decoration with the tones of these colors.

Contrasting colors

Generally, black and white colors come to mind when contrast is mentioned. However, you can make a contrast color decoration with many matching colors. Red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange are the most preferred contrasting colors. Choosing the tones is entirely up to your taste.

How Should You Use the Colors You Choose?

You have chosen contrast, analog or other colors for your home. However, using these colors everywhere will overwhelm your home and make it tiring for the eyes. For this, you can use light tones in large areas of your home and dark tones in other areas. If you prefer a contrast color decoration, you can set the color ratio as 3 to 7 to give you a perfect look.

Likewise, for monochromatic color decoration, you can choose 70% of the main color you choose and share the other colors by 30%.
When decorating, you can adjust the color ratios by calculating not only the wall colors but also the colors of the furniture you choose.

The Importance of Colors in Decoration

Colors are everywhere in our lives. Moreover, according to many people, it also reflects our psychology. The colors you use in your home reflect you.
Moreover, you can add aesthetics to your homes by reflecting the importance you give to colors in your living spaces. Let’s take a look at the meanings and symbols of colors together.

Reflection of Power Red

Red color is usually one of the main colors found in everyone’s home. You can use every shade of red in your home. Since red is one of the most striking colors, your choice of furniture may be red.

Symbol of Nobility Purple

One of the indispensable colors in home decoration for those who love mystical air is purple. You can use the purple color in your home quite easily, as it harmonizes with almost every color. You can choose any shade of purple on your furniture or walls to create a mysterious atmosphere.

Color of Vitality Yellow

Those who say that I have a colorful personality and want to reflect this in my home should be yellow. Yellow is a color that symbolizes both vitality and creativity. The yellow tones you can choose for your study rooms will also be one of the most ideal colors for children’s rooms.

Color of Peace Blue

The blue color, which we are accustomed to seeing in almost every house by the sea, gives peace of mind. You can spend peaceful moments in your living spaces with the warm blue tones that will welcome you when you come home. Blue color is also one of the special colors that makes the area where it is used reliable.