by Eman Dinar

New Istanbul Airport

One of the most important projects undertaken by the Turkish government, which had a major role in reviving the economic sector in general
Tourism and real estate in particular, and this great edifice had a set of advantages, some of which we mention to you in the Dinar Holding Group.

1- The construction company pays Turkey for its operation of the airport for 25 years, an amount of 22 billion and 152 million euros.
2- The area over which the airport was built is approximately 76.5 million square meters, as it will serve approximately 200 million passengers.
3- The airport will provide job opportunities for about 225,000 citizens.
4- The airport is the largest in the world, in addition to that it contains more than 300 flight points, 250 of which are international flight points.
5- The airport has a car park that can accommodate about 40,000 cars at the same time.
6- The airport is distinguished for being the safest airport in the world, as it was surrounded by security radar systems, in addition to very advanced surveillance systems, cameras, as well as internal security devices to detect explosives.
7- The planes will be able to head towards the runway at the same moment, while the airport contains 143 pedestrian bridges, 655 between traffic lanes, electronic stairs, and elevators.
8- The airport will secure, through flights that will take 3 hours to travel to approximately 41 countries, and through flights that will take 5 hours to travel to 66 countries around the world.
And many other features of this great edifice.