About us


Dinar Tourism applies the luxury customized travel concept in the travel industry as with all other brands of Experta Tours and Events.

Dinar Tourism Company is a branch of Dinar Holding Group in Turkey. It is distinguished by its high-end services such as trips and tours within Turkey in its most beautiful areas. Dinar Tourism enables you to live adventure, development, and inhale the whiffs of history in Turkey. With an integrated team that follows you step by step to provide the best services.

Turkey Tours

Tours to all the tourist areas historical, adventure, exploration, beaches, with luxury hotel accommodation as well as day tours

Private Flights

You will enjoy in your private helicopter that we provide you with an unforgettable tour, to fly over the wonderful city of Istanbul

Private Cars

A car for you and your family with a private driver at your service, to move wherever you want and with all comfort.

We the co-founders, started our journey in tourism in the last century. We all have a tour guide background which helped us to understand the needs of our guests through the years. So, we are here to turn your dream holiday into reality in Turkey. And would there be a better place than Turkey for this? Turkey is the melting spot of some of the biggest civilizations of history. It is a unique place for its nature as well.

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