by Eman Dinar

Turkish citizenship…. exceptional advantages

Turkish citizenship…. exceptional advantages that are difficult to find in other nationalities.
The importance of Turkish citizenship appears in several exceptional advantages that are difficult to find in other nationalities, including:

Living in a safe country that is politically and economically stable and has a developed infrastructure that places it on the throne of developed countries.
Many job opportunities are available without the need for a work permit. Turkey is an industrial and commercial country and a member of the Group of Twenty of the most powerful economies in the world.
Completing the annual residency renewal fees.
Obtaining an American investor visa of the E2 category, which is granted for a period of two years.
The wife obtains Turkish citizenship, as well as children under the age of eighteen.
Enrolling children in public, Arab or international schools, where Turkish universities are ranked among the most powerful universities in the world with the possibility of studying in Turkish, English or Arabic languages. Turkish university degrees are recognized in most countries of the world, especially the countries of the European Union, Canada, the United States and some Arab countries
Full equality between any citizen of Turkish origin and a holder of Turkish citizenship.
The holder of Turkish citizenship retains it for life unless he commits an act that leads to its withdrawal from him, such as treason, or the discovery of forgery in the papers he submitted during his application for it, even after decades of obtaining it.
Men and women in Turkey have equal rights and duties, and equality begins with foreigners wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship by requesting the wife’s approval in order for her husband, the investor, to obtain Turkish citizenship, or refuse it.
The geographical location of Turkey gives it an advantage and gives its citizens and holders of its nationality the opportunity to move to and from it easily and reach dozens of countries within a short time by land, sea and air.
Benefit from the advantages of the strong Turkish passport, which entitles you to enter more than 121 countries, and the ease of obtaining and renewing the Turkish passport at the lowest costs, with the ability to choose the validity period of the passport (one year, 3 years, 10 years).
Elderly care provided by Turkey to its citizens over sixty years of age or 25 years of service from pension salaries and free public internal transportation cards.
The possibility of buying real estate, electrical appliances or cars in installments
Nationality holders have the right to vote and run for municipal and parliamentary elections.
The possibility of equivalence of certificates and the practice of professions that foreigners are prohibited from practicing, such as pharmacy, law, veterinary medicine, and others.
Obtaining dual citizenship without having to give up your nationality.

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