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After the prosperity that Turkey witnessed at all levels of tourism, economy and others. The idea of investing in it has become a wandering in the minds of investors.
But they often get confused in choosing the right field, here comes the role of the Dinar Holding Group in guiding you in the right direction.

Dinar Holding Group seeks to gain the confidence of investors and partners by focusing on the idea of investment based on value and knowledge, as well as its adoption of a policy of diversifying investment areas in multiple sectors and in different geographical areas, balancing financial liquidity and profitability, minimizing risks to the lowest levels and providing high quality services. In addition to its commitment to a set of values of honesty, integrity, credibility, transparency, responsibility and commitment ..

Our close knowledge and wealth of experience has made Dinar Holding Group the most distinguished name in the world of investment and finance.
We put your feet on the first steps of success, and we offer you a successful investment plan, make the right choice and hurry to invest with Dinar Holding Group


Our Company Branches


image Dinar Realestate

Invest and own safely with Dinar real estate services in Dinar Holding Group.


image Dinar Medical

Dinar Medical is a shining name in the world of medical tourism, through its medical achievements and practical successes.


image Dinar Tourism

Dinar Tourism creates the best services and tourist trips for you to spend the most beautiful and enjoyable moments and benefit from all the facilities.


image Dinar Media

All software & IT majors benefit from our core solutions. We cater to the needs of diverse industries across verticals.


image Dinar Decoration

Get new and creative ideas for your life with decoration services. Choose your passion and the style you love and leave the decoration task to us.

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The company currently has 5 departments and we are in constant development: Media ( development and marketing for startups and pioneers in the fields of information technology) Real estate (everything related to service from airport reception to after-sales services) Decoration (within the real estate after-sales service, and separate commercial and residential services) Tourism (distinguished services, trips and tours, renting a yacht, helicopter, cars and everything that makes you feel comfortable during your tour.) Medical (the leader in medical tourism in Turkey, hair transplantation, dental implants, Hollywood smile, body and waist sculpting, and everything that matters to beauty and health.)

Investing in the Turkish state is considered one of the easiest types of investments in the world at all, as the Turkish government is the first contribution to these facilities provided. Only to establish a company and establish a business, in addition to that Turkey is one of the dangerous competitive environments in the field of investments and the investment culture in Turkey is also very developed and wide, and we must mention that investment in Turkey in general is based on the principle of equality between investors staying on its soil, so there is no difference Between one nationality and another, the gifts offered to them are the same, and the restrictions imposed on them are the same.

In view of the global trend towards information technology in all fields, we advise you to start by choosing a technology company that offers you a marketing plan and takes your first step in the global market, and this is what Dinar Media offers to our customers.
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This was the smart path followed by Mr. Ahmed Dinar, General Manager of the Dinar Holding Group of Companies, when he held the largest and largest real estate exhibition in Sudan, with the aim of strengthening public relations and diplomacy between owners of large capitals and owners of medium projects in order to achieve a balance that promotes the economy and investment.


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